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What is a Lipid Profile and Why You Should Know!

Knowing your cholesterol levels is an essential part of understanding your own risk for heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends that everyone over age 20 get a cholesterol test, known as a lipid profile.


Insights from Anti-Aging Blood Tests

Many people, especially those who are still very young, have a great fear of aging and seem to believe that the term “aging” is somehow synonymous with disability and disease. The risk of developing certain medical conditions does assuredly increase with age. Similarly, there are many medical conditions that one is at much more risk of developing in childhood or young adulthood. And, life is about so much more than calculating risk factors for disease. Being an older adult offers a lot of benefits that can greatly enhance one’s enjoyment of life.

Millennials – Less Sex, More STDs

Millennials have been labeled a lot of things by a lot of people. You may have heard most of them, and the range of these adjectives can go from being lazy and entitled, to being flexible, curious, and being idealists. Some articles label them as individuals who only think of themselves, and some say that they are exactly the kind of people who can save the world. Some articles even label them as young adults who claim they want privacy but seek attention. With all these articles going around, millennials do really get the attention that they want, do they? This article makes them a subject yet again.  

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