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Vegetarians Have Lower Heart Disease Risks

Going meatless gives vegetarians a 32 percent lower heart disease risk than non-vegetarians, a British study found, offering further proof that eating meat can be hazardous to health.


Cost of Blood Work Without Insurance

Getting blood work done on a regular basis is an important part of monitoring one’s overall health. Routine testing provides both the individual and their service provider with a baseline of the individual’s blood levels. This allows the patient to not only compare his or her blood work to the population norms, but also to his or her own norms. Even small changes in blood work that technically still fall within normal range can reveal the beginning stages of a health disorder. One of the biggest benefits of regular blood testing is early detection of blood abnormalities and potential health problems. With most health concerns, the earlier the problem is detected the more favorable the prognosis will be.

Can Vitamin D Cure Headaches?

In today’s fast paced world, headaches almost seem like an unavoidable byproduct – we’ve all experienced a bad headache or two in our lives, if not more frequently. Some individuals even suffer from a more severe form called migraines. There are numerous kinds of headaches and all can be linked to various reasons or a combination of causes: stress, diet, alcohol and/or food consumption, illness, genetics, and a variety of other reasons. Vitamin D is mostly thought of as needed to build strong bones. But what if Vitamin D is also the answer to the pain in your head? Can Vitamin D cure headaches?

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